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Who Are We?


Regional EdTech Cadre - Pendleton, Oregon
Teachers sharing with Teachers! 
We are two instructional coaches from InterMountainESD in Pendleton, Oregon that work with our regional teachers to continue to improve their craft and engage their students with or without technology.   Both of us have spent more than a decade in the classroom, each at different levels and enjoy sharing what we do with others.  Our goal with this blog is to share all the great things we have the benefit of seeing and build the bridge of ideas between classrooms.

Besides this blog and resources, we offer professional development opportunities (afterschool, inservice, staff meeting), provide instructional coaching, facilitate learning walks and peer walkthroughs, lead regional technology cadres, present at conferences, and much more.  Links to past workshops and conference sessions can be found on the tab above.


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Heidi Paullus

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Popular posts from this blog

Sketchnoting and Reading Comprehension

Sketchnoting, visual note-taking or whatever we want to call it - has been growing in popularity.  A focus on visual learning, to teach us how to think about or think with pictures, is an important skill for our students to practice.   Sessions at conferences, blog posts, tweets all talking more and more about connecting the visual parts of our brains to what we are learning in the classroom.  Sketchnoting can be drawing on paper, sketching on a tablet, or pushing the limits and using the chromebook... essentially creating visual representations of what students are learning, helps draw a connection for the student and assists with recall and understanding.   A teacher in one of our schools took a risk by switching up his traditional reading comprehension questions for his book study of The Giver and exploring the use of sketchnoting as a way of processing what they were reading.  He said he didn't know what to expect from it, but was pleasantly surprised and saw an improvement in…

So Many Things to do with Seesaw!

Seesaw is one of my favorite tools that seems to fit so perfectly into the elementary classroom.  We did a blog post on the basics - getting set up and everything else back in 2015 on our old blog which you can click on below, but I just wanted to take a couple minutes to share out some fun ideas of different ways our teachers in our region are using this tool.

Fluency Practice - have students audio record themselves at various points throughout the year.  Evaluate themselves or allow others to evaluate.  It's handy at conferences to share with parents to show growth made over the year.  Math - if the classroom has iPads, students are able to draw and work out math problems and add their audio explanations.  For those on Chromes, take a picture of the work from the paper or wipeboard and then audio record.  Presentations - video student presentations or group work in the classroom and upload it to the students' folders for all involved.  This allows for a private way to share w…